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Thema Programme for Academics: The Teaching Trick – How to Improve Student Learning without Spending More Time Teaching
Programm für Professorinnen und Professoren: The Teaching Trick - mit wenig Aufwand studentisches Lernen verbessern
Zielgruppe Academic staff
Professorinnen und Professoren der TU Dresden
Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der TU Dresden
Bemerkung: Professorinnen und Professoren
Veranstaltungsform Workshop in English
Workshop in engl. Sprache
Abschluss Certificate of Attendance

When improvement of student learning is discussed, a common reaction is to assume that any new teaching methods require a higher teaching effort. And surely, anyone can improve a course by spending 100 hours more teaching time, but for apparent reasons this is not a sustainable strategy.

So how can student learning be improved within a given level of teaching resources?

The key principle is that teachers should spend more of their time doing things that lead to high quality learning, and less time on such things that do not lead to learning. Concrete examples will be used to illustrate the principle, challenge old ways of thinking and question some taken-for-granted practices in education. During the workshop we collect a toolbox of concrete tips, and practice a powerful way to see teaching – from a learning perspective.

Finally we tackle the tough question: Why do we keep doing things in our courses that lead to little learning?

Methods: Theory input, group/pair work, discussions, mini-presentations

The workload of the workshop is 8 teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 min).

Partner Kristina Edström (Associate Professor in Engineering Education Development at KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and Jakob Kuttenkeuler (Professor in Naval Architecture and has participated in the development of the CDIO model since the start in 2000)
Förderung This workshop is subsidised by TU Dresden.
Dieser Workshop wird durch die TU Dresden gefördert.
Teilnahmebegrenzung min. 8 Teilnehmer, max. 12 Teilnehmer
Termine 16.11.2017, Turnus: einmalig
notice: from 9 am - 4.30 pm

Anmeldeschluss: 02.11.2017 (application deadline)
Veranstaltungsort TU Dresden, Zentrum für Weiterbildung, Strehlener Str. 22, 01069 Dresden, 5th floor, room 548
Kosten Ermäßigt: 0,00 Euro
Bemerkung: for TU Dresden academic staff / für Professorinnen und Professoren der TU Dresden und des IHI Zittau
Anbieter TU Dresden, Dezernat 8, Studium und Weiterbildung, Zentrum für Weiterbildung
Ansprechpartner Frau Beate Herm
Tel.: +49 351 463-37811
Fax: +49 351 463-36251

Frau Nicole Rose
Tel.: +49 351 463-33027
Fax: +49 351 463-36251
Sonstige Bemerkungen zur Teilnahme:

Your registration is binding and expresses that you agree with our GTC. In case of illness or altered circumstances, we kindly ask you to inform us in due time to enable participation for other interested persons. In case of sudden cancelation from 12 days before workshop, we will calculate 50 per cent and for a later cancelation, we will have to calculate 100 per cent of the cost due to our GTC. Please register by the buttom "Anmeldung" below.

Mit der Anmeldung bestätigen Sie, dass Sie die Teilnahmebedingungen zur Kenntnis genommen haben.

Wir bitten um schriftliche Anmeldung über den Anmeldeknopf weiter unten.

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