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Thema Program for TU Dresden staff: Media Training Science Communication for Press and Public Relations
Zielgruppe TU Dresden staff
Veranstaltungsform Workshop in English
Workshop in engl. Sprache
Bemerkung: two workshop days / one day online and the other face-to-face
Abschluss Certificate of Attendance
participation in at least 80% of the training required (see Terms and Conditions of Participation)
Inhalt The training enables you to present your research in a comprehensible way, make them accessible to the general public and generate enthusiasm for your science. It offers the opportunity to develop your public relations communication skills to explain complex concepts and data to a non-specialist audience.

The training focuses on communication skills in different media formats, in particular interviews for video and radio formats, press conferences and social media communication. You will learn tools and techniques to present your research in an understandable, interesting and relevant way. The format also offers opportunities to identify individual strengths in order to develop an authentic and convincing presence in front of the camera or in interviews.

In addition, you will gain insight into how the media landscape works so that you can better understand how journalists work and how to align their interests with your communication goals. You will learn basic storytelling techniques so that you can turn your research into a compelling and easy-to-understand story.

Learning Objectives:

Participants learn how to...
  • to transform complex scientific concepts and research results into comprehensible and accessible messages. Participants are able create images in the minds to convey their information clearly and concisely.
  • to prepare for different formats in a targeted manner.
  • to act spontaneously as interview partners.
  • to use body language, voice and rhetoric in a targeted manner to reach their audience.
  • to present themselves in various media formats such as television, radio, social media and press releases. They learn to understand the specific requirements and possibilities of each format and adapt their message accordingly.
  • to use storytelling techniques: Participants get to know the storytelling method and learn dramaturgical and rhetorical tools for exciting stories that move and engage.
  • the media landscape works and learn how journalists work.
  • to strengthen their visibility as scientists and increase their influence on the public perception of science and research. They are empowered to make their work accessible to a wide audience and to communicate the importance of their research in a convincing way.

This workshop will focus on:
  • Comprehensible and accessible communication
  • Targeted preparation
  • Authentic appearance in front of the camera
  • Effective use of different media formats
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Understanding the media landscape
Methods: trainer input, practical exercises, simulations, individual feedback from the trainer

The scope of the workshop is 16 working units (1 working unit = 45 min).

We would like to make our offers as inclusive and accessible as possible. Please contact us about your wishes and needs.

Partner Dr. Stephanie Rohac
Technische Ausbildungsmittel online for day one: stable internet connection, microphone or headset, camera
Förderung funded under the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the Länder
Teilnahmebegrenzung max. 8 Teilnehmer
Termine 25.11.2024 bis 08.01.2025, Turnus: einmalig

Day 1: 25.11.2024: 09:00 am - 16:30 pm (face-to-face workshop)
Day 2: 08.01.2025: 09:00 am - 16:30 pm (online-workshop)

Anmeldeschluss: 11.11.2024 registration deadline
Veranstaltungsort Day 1: TU Dresden Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC)
BIOTEC, Room 006, Tatzberg 47/49, 01307 Dresden
Day 2: zoom (online)
Kosten Voll: 605,00 Euro
If no TU-internal service accounting or accounting via the Faculty of Medicine is possible (see note on reduced costs), the full participation fee must be paid.

Ermäßigt: 60,00 Euro
reduced cost for TU Dresden staff

  • The reduced price is only granted if the settlement can be made via a cost centre or via a PSP-Element (internal activity allocation). For this purpose, please send the completed Form ILV to the Centre for Continuing Education by e-mail: weiterbildungskatalog@tu-dresden.de.
  • Employees inside the Faculty of Medicine please state the billing address of the Faculty of Medicine when registering: Medizinische Fakultät der TU Dresden, Zentrale Eingangsrechnungsprüfung, Fetscherstraße 74, 01307 Dresden.
Anbieter TU Dresden, Dezernat Studium und Weiterbildung, Zentrum für Weiterbildung
Ansprechpartner Kathrin Müller
Tel.: +49 351 463-37822

Sarah Frizsch
Tel.: +49 351 463-40770
Sonstige Bemerkungen zur Teilnahme:

By registering, you confirm that you have taken note of the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

We ask for written registration via the registration button below.

The Hygiene Concept is valid for events of the Centre for Continuing Education in presence at the time of the event.

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